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High Security Key Locks

When most people think of high security key locks, they think of the brands Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Abloy. What most people don’t know is that those three brands are owned by the same company. The key locks company is called Assa. These brands of key locks are extremely high security and they are provided with key control. Key control means that not just anybody can copy the keys of the key locks. The owner of the key lock is provided with a signature card when the lock is installed. The signature card has a code on it. This code authorizes the owner to make duplicates of the key. The original locksmith who installed the key lock is the only one who can make copies of the key. These locks are virtually pick and drill proof.


Medeco designed its high security product line with pick and drill resistance features that block the things thieves do to gain entry. When a thief sees Medeco locks on your interior or exterior doors, file cabinets, gates and other secure areas, he will likely decide it isn’t worth the risk.

Medeco’s patented key control systems make it virtually impossible for someone to get a copy of your keys without your permission. This low-cost solution protects against a potential liability for your facility.

Medeco has pioneered extremely large Master Key systems through our exclusive use of angled cuts on our keys, and slider combination. With millions of combinations, Medeco can accommodate even the largest installations.

Setting the Standard for Security

As one of America’s favorite hardware brands, BEST® has represented tough, versatile, high-quality locks for more than 90 years. BEST high-quality access solutions feature interchangeable cores and masterkey systems. Known for its American craftsmanship and proven performance, BEST solutions and components form the pinnacle of today’s toughest mechanical security solutions. Our unparalleled quality and engineering make us a top choice of distributors and customers worldwide.

High Security Services

  • Medeco locks
  • Mul-T-Lock
  • Camera surveillance systems
  • Electric pass card systems
  • Protective steel gates
  • Accordion gates
  • Specialized locks for glass doors

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