Our Services

Locksmithing services

Our technicians are equipped with the latest modern technology and We offer the best service at affordable prices.

  • Master key systems
  • High security cylinders
  • Changing and rekeying locks
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Fast lock out service
  • Installation and repair of locks
  • Window locks
  • Deadlocks & Padlocks
Our services

Locks & Security

We offer a wide range of locks and security services to suit your security requirements. We offer professional installation services of high security locks by authorized professionals. You can rest assured the job will be done right!

Here is a list of some of the security services we can offer:

  • Medeco locks
  • Mul-T-Lock
  • Camera surveillance systems
  • Electric pass card systems
  • Protective steel gates
  • Accordion gates
  • Specialized locks for glass doors

High Security Locks

When most people think of high security locks, they think of the brands Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Abloy. What most people don’t know is that those three brands are owned by the same company. The company is called Assa. These brands of lock are extremely high security and they are provided with key control. Key control means that not just anybody can copy the keys. The owner of the lock is provided with a signature card when the lock is installed. The signature card has a code on it. This code authorizes the owner to make duplicates of the key. The original locksmith who installed the lock is the only one who can make copies of the key. These locks are virtually pick and drill proof.

New Homeowners

Congratulations if you are a new homeowner!

For your own safety please change the locks to your new home! We recommend giving us a call. We will come to your home and give you a free, no-obligation estimate. We will make a few recommendations based on your new home’s characteristics and present you some options with various prices.

If the house came with a high security lock i.e. Medeco or Mul-T-Lock, then there is no need to change the lock. If this is the case, we recommend changing the combination and making some new keys so that the old ones no longer work. This is a fairly simple job that can be done quickly. It is a low cost option that will save you from replacing the entire lock. It will allow you to keep using a high quality, high security lock with peace of mind knowing that no previous owner has keys to your home.

Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients

Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients

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Satisfied Customers

I called 514 Locksmith around 1130pm when I had gotten locked out of my house.this is the best service I have had with any locksmith in Montreal. He arrived within 20 minutes, was extremely polite and friendly and then only 3 mins later he had me back in my home.i recommend this company to anyone who needs help with anything lock related.thank you for your help.


A technician came over and fixed the problem with my front door handle! He took it apart, and saw the broken piece inside! Within twenty minutes he left my house and returned, with a whole new piece and fixed the handle immediately! Great service with a friendly smile. I would refer him with no problem!

Rene L.

The technician was easy to speak to over the phone! I though my situation was complicated, but he cleared it right up. He explained exactly what I needed to do with the locks when I purchased my new condo! He kept me feeling safe and secure and saved me money by using the original Medeco but changed the combination and gave me a new signature card and keys. I will definitely use your service again! Thanks!

Catherine B.

I was so happy with the service at my home that I recommended them to my boss. I work for an IT support company and we install servers with extremely sensitive information for our clients. All our installs utilize physical locks on server rooms. Now we use their services for all our installations!

Jack K.

Clean work. Quick response to our emergency service call. That’s all we could ask for!!

Mike and Joanne H.